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Shi-Joon Yoo

Staff Radiologist
Section Head, Cardiac Imaging at the Diagnostic Imaging Department
Fetal Cardiac Program and Diagnostic Imaging
Professor of Medical Imaging
Dept. of Diagnostic Imaging
The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Yoo is a cardiac radiologist and leads the Division of Cardiac Imaging. He is a professor of the Departments of Medical Imaging and Paediatrics at the University of Toronto. His main clinical and research activities are MR and CT applications in children with cardiovascular disease and fetal echocardiography. He is an early adopter of 3D printing in paediatric cardiology and surgery. This technique allows preoperative assessment and simulation of the surgical procedures in patients with complex congenital heart disease, morphology teaching and hands-on surgical training.

Shi-Joon Yoo
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