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Conference Program

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This program has been assessed by Sonography Canada and is eligible for up to 20 CPD credits (depending on the number of hours attended), the activity was awarded 20 (SB) Sonography Based & CPD # 2022-348 (RP) Relevant to Practice for the Total of 20 credits.


  • Understand normal and abnormal fetal cardiac anatomy and physiology

  • Review the current recommendations for fetal echocardiographic imaging

  • Present the techniques and pitfalls in detecting cardiac disease by ultrasound

  • Provide practical guidelines for imaging optimization

  • Teach a comprehensive, segmental approach in fetal cardiac echocardiographic imaging through didactics and live case demonstrations with pregnant volunteers

  • Demonstrate the manifestations of the different forms of fetal cardiac anomalies

  • Promote understanding of the three vessel-tracheal view and how this view is diagnostic for various subtypes of congenital heart disease

  • Describe the assessment of non-cardiac structures in congenital heart disease

  • Demonstrate the techniques of evaluating the fetal cardiac function and rhythm

  • Recognize and understand disorders of the fetal cardiac rhythm and function, along with etiologies, associated pathology, treatment options and outcomes

  • Describe the utility of newer imaging technologies including 3-D echo and MRI

  • Enumerate new information on the etiology of congenital heart disease

  • Determine the cardiovascular issues associated with multiple gestations

  • Discuss the approach to counselling in the setting cardiovascular abnormalities

  • Understand the impact of cardiovascular abnormalities in terms of pregnancy outcomes, and follow-up from the newborn period into adulthood

  • Present and discuss prenatal treatment options including emerging in utero medical therapies and interventions

  • Review the hemodynamic changes of congenital heart disease at birth and how this impacts perinatal management

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